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Wyoming Wildcat Outfitters



Big Game Hunting
...for the client who likes tailor made hunts...

Wildcat Outfitters has been offering clients tailor made hunts for over 38 years.  We are located in eastern Wyoming, and hunt from the eastern-central plains to the foot hills of Laramie Peak.  We lease 40,000 plus acres of private land in a number of hunt areas.  Our success rate is 99% to 100% each year.  We can't guarantee that you will fill your tags, but in 38 years we have never had a client that didn't get a good shot, at less than 200 yards.


To book a hunt for the 2014 hunting season please contact, Clint Phillipps ( WY Outfitter License #BG067) at 307-359-8863 or send an E-mail to clint@bucknhorseoutfitters.com




Our guides are licensed professionals who are knowledgeable in the art of hunting big game.  Physically fit and committed.  They know their business and will make your hunt both informative and pleasurable.  Our guides will   field dress, skin, cape, and pack all animals you harvest.


Licenses and Applications

 We would like all applications sent to us so we can check them for errors, make sure the correct hunting area is requested and personally submit them to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.  If you prefer just call us and we will help you fill out your application over the phone.  Any other type of information you might need such as harvest information, drawing odds, regulations and maps is available on the Wyoming Game and Fish Web Site.  All non resident big game licenses are issued by a random computer drawing.  Our hunt areas have had leftover licenses for the last several years, so our clients have had a 100% draw on licenses.

Predicting the weather in Wyoming is very difficult, so you should be prepared for any type.  Early in September, the days are in the 60s and 70s, with lows at night in the 40s.  In the later part of September, October and November, be prepared for highs in the 50s and 60s, with lows in the 20s and 30s.  In October and November, snow is a strong possibility. 

Additional Activities
For hunters who fill their licenses early, we offer excellent bird, small game and predator hunting at no extra charge.  On many of our hunts there are excellent opportunities to fish top-rated waters.  Inquire about extra activities when you are deciding which hunt to book.

Meat Care
Be assured that your game meat will be properly handled by our experienced guides.  In our entire history, regardless of weather conditions, we have never lost any meat to spoilage.  We can deliver your meat to one of the meat processing plants in the area.